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Post by JudyLuke on Thu Jul 12, 2007 4:40 am

Tourists can witness the rich artistic history of the state during a Tour Kerala. The fresco paintings of Kerala are classified as "Fresco-secco" characterized by its lime medium and technique in which the prepared walls are painted only when it becomes completely dry. The art of painting on walls in Kerala dates back to prehistoric era. Paintings found in the Anjanad Valley of Idukki District are believed to be the oldest.

Artistically inclined tourists make sure that they get to learn a bit of the artistic history and techniques of the arts during a Tour Kerala. Ochre-red, Ochre-yellow, white, bluish green and pure green are the predominant colors that are used in Kerala murals, while limited use of golden yellow, brown, yellowish green, greenish blue and sky blue is also can be noticed. Color dyes were prepared from vegetable, mineral pigments and crude chemicals. White is made out of lime, black from carbon soot of lamps, red and yellow from minerals, blue from plants like Neela Amari (Indigo Ferra) and green from a local mineral called Eravikkara. Mixing of colours were done in wooden utensils and the binding media used were tender coconut water and exudes from Neem trees.

Flat brushes are made from the hairs found on the ears of calves and medium brushes from the hair at the bottom of a goat's belly. Once the theme is selected, the outline is sketched with dung crayons and then painted with appropriate colors.

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Post by Pkwiz0 on Sat Jul 14, 2007 5:14 am

That's very interesting.

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