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Videos done by PeekaywizProductions and WTFBrothers are owned by The Runescape Video Site because Pkwiz0 and Hyperchao own this site, along with Own0 (The hosters of this free forum)...
We will soon be buying a URL, but currently we will not due to lack of users.  What's the point on wasting money on a forum no one goes to?
We will be buying an actual website probably when we get around 1000 users, or less, depending on how much you post and are active.
Q and A:
Q: Why are there new videos on the portal of this site every day?
A: We feature Runescape videos we like almost every single day.
Q: Where do you get your videos from?
A: Here,Here, and Here
Q: How do I get a video I want to see featured, featured?
A: Send us a link via the forums.